Create awareness in the people served about the use, abuse or risk of the consumption of psychoactive substances, promoting their integral development and social inclusion.


Reduce the risk, use or abuse of the consumption of psychoactive substances through prevention, orientation and rehabilitation by residence, focused on young people and adults of both sexes, as well as their families, in the national territory.


  • Spirituality: Condition achieved as a result of a personal relationship with God, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Respect: We recognize the value of people and treat them as such.

  • Interdependence: Recognize that others need us, just as we need them.

  • Loyalty: Make our own the needs of those we serve.

  • Fidelity: Attachment to the fulfillment of the mission, principles and values ​​of the institution.

  • Love: From the exalted point of view of God. Motor of our actions.

  • Health: The search for optimal and integral functioning of the individual and their environment.





Rehabilitation of people with limited resources with problems of drug dependence or alcoholism, providing job training, psychological assistance and, if required, meeting their basic needs of food and shelter, to improve their conditions of subsistence and development. Also, provide social guidance to people with limited resources to prevent these problems and prevent their recurrence.

We achieve this through a structured program in which our inmates and inmates recover their dignity and acquire the strength to take control of their lives and can return and reintegrate into their family, or form a family already free of addictions.

CONADIC National Council Against Addictions, The National Council for Standardization and Certification of Labor Competencies, Through the KNOW Committee for Management by Competencies for the Prevention and Attention for Addictions; Certify our staff as DIRECTORS IN ADDICTIONS , giving the institution competence for work and adequate, dignified and effective care to deal with the problem of addiction that currently presents our country.





Workshops and Family Care

Family Workshops


Principles for marriage.

Family dynamics.

The education of children at home.

My Personal Relationship with God.

Finance at home.

Qualities of Character.

The blessing to the children.

Group Studies iTeenChallenge.

Personal Studies iTeenChallenge.





If you need help or know of someone who needs it, here are some videos that show you that no matter how serious your problem is, YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.





After a year of attending a considerable number of young people, the need to formalize the work was seen.

In 1979, in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, the relationship with Mrs. Soad Elena D. Chávez de Porras, who was visiting informally with women from the Guardianship for Minors of that state, began.

On December 22, 1987, Teen Challenge Mexico, IAP was legally constituted as a non-profit Private Assistance Institution, in accordance with the law of the matter and through the agreement taken by the Private Assistance Board for the Federal District, with the official name of Reto la Juventud Mexico, IAP, with two establishments: one in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua and the other in the Federal District.

After a few years, Teen Challenge Mexico, IAP, had an impact on the Official Mexican Standard NOM-028-SSA2-2009, regarding its preparation and revision of the content update of the norm.









Inform and raise awareness among young people, adolescents and adults of both sexes about the risks and consequences of the use and abuse of psychoactive substances, to avoid their consumption.


  • Conferences of prevention to school students.

  • Workshops in schools preparatory.

  • Air Conferences free to parents of different families communities.


Intervene with people who have moderate consumption of psychoactive substances, as well as give attention to their families to break codependence


  • Counseling a consumers

  • Family counseling.

  • The problems that they control your life.

Rehabilitation by Residence

Rehabilitate people with problems of addiction to psychoactive substances and / or codependence, through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intervention to achieve their inclusion in society.


  • Lodging and food(attention to your basic needs of food and accommodation).

  • Monthly medical service.

  • Psychological service.

  • Spiritual therapy individual and group

  • Family therapy.

  • Counseling.

  • Training for the work (course "ProEmpleo Foundation").







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Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 9:00 a 17:00 hrs.

Men's Center
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Women's Center
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